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An exciting new activity!

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Stand out with laser tag

as an excellent new activity for your campground guests. It draws in new customers and keeps them coming back for years. Fresh and exciting, laser tag will catch the eye of prospective campers looking for their weekend getaway or summertime stay.

Stay ahead of the competition

You take pride in offering the best experiences to your guests. But in the age of smartphones and apps, it can be hard to capture the attention of kids and teenagers while the parents go for a relaxing walk. Steradian Laser Tag is a fun outdoor campground activity that entertains kids of all ages.

Campground laser tag player

The great outdoors

Get the whole family involved! Steradian Laser Tag offers the best of video games and the outdoors, with heart pounding excitement and exercise in the fresh air. Our laser tag guns are designed from the ground up for exciting play in the great outdoors, even in full sunlight. The Eclipse and S-7 laser tag guns fire eye-safe infrared light over 650 feet (200m), and unlike other paintball and airsoft, laser tag leaves no mess.

Play anywhere

We have designed our laser tag gear to work great anywhere. You don’t need a dedicated field or building. Have a section of woods? Make some paths and let the players hide behind trees and bushes. Want to play in a grassy field? Set up some of our Reflex Barriers for players to hide behind and you are ready to play in minutes. Raining again, and you have a multi-purpose room? Use Reflex Barriers inside and you have a laser tag field no matter what the weather!

Easy to get started

It’s easy to add Steradian Laser tag to your campground activities. This starter package offers a mix of laser tag guns for kids and teenagers. Also included are Chimera Bases, which offer a place for players to be revived, capture flags, etc. The Chimera Targets offer advanced game objectives for truly engaging gameplay. The Reflex Barriers offer a place to hide wherever you set up your field. Games are easily run from an laptop or office computer.

Campground Package
Eclipse+with+sunband+x Eclipse 400X(5)

Family friendly laser tag gun with wireless scoring.

Laser+tag+gun+red+and+blue S-7X(5)

Precision machined aluminum laser tag gun with wireless scoring.

Laser tag mobile caddy Mobile Laser Tag Caddy(1)

Mobile storage and charging solution. Holds up to 12 guns.

Laser tag base Chimera Base(2)

Laser tag base for reviving players and other advanced game functions.

Chimera laser tag target Chimera Target(4)

Power up your laser tag game!

Reflex barriers Reflex Barrier(10)

Flexible, easy to transport laser tag barriers.

Chimera hub with cord Chimera Hub(1)

Wireless hub for interfacing X-Series laser tag guns and computer.

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