Laser tag base

Chimera Base

Unlock a new world of laser tag games.

Compatible with: X-Series Advanced Laser Tag System

Price: $995.00

Chimera Bases are a great addition for any laser tag business. Bases can revive players, act as flags, be a control point, and more. Bases bring a refreshing amount of depth, strategy, and long-term player interest to every game.

Chimera Base Features

Add a whole new level of fun with our new team-oriented game modes like Capture the Flag, and Control Point. These games are easy for novices to learn while giving advanced players a chance to develop their individual skill and teamwork.


  • Multicolor LED light bars that display damage and timers.
  • A Powerful built-in speaker that uses new and exciting sound effects.
  • Durable construction that is impact resistant.
  • A large battery that provides up to 12 - 24 hours of continuous gameplay. Charging takes about 6 hours.
  • Simple design that makes it easy for transport.
  • Dimensions: 12” W x 9” D x 10” H
  • Weight: 7.9lbs


Using the Chimera Base is easy. When starting a game on your, assign the bases to teams like you do with an S-7X or E400X; simply drag the base into the “Base” slot in the game setup screen. Two popular Base games are Control Point and Capture the Flag.

Here are some explanations of the different things the Chimera Base can do.


If a player has been eliminated from a game, a Chimera Base can revive them to full Health. All players that are standing withing 10 feet of the front of the base will revive when the base has charged up. Most game modes will let you choose how long the base will charge before reviving players.


Chimera Bases can act as a holder for an electronic flag. If players are within 10 feet of the base, they can shoot it to take its flag. Timers can be set to determine how long it takes for a new flag to regenerate on the base when the old flag has been taken.

Control Points

In the Control Point game mode, Chimera Bases can be captured by each team. While a team controls a base, it will give them points every minute. It will also act as a revival point for players.


In some game modes, such as Zombies, Chimera Bases will heal players that are close to them. The time between each heal can be changed.

Extra Points

Chimera Bases will give any player that shoots it extra points. This is a great way to add more objectives for players.

For more information on how the Chimera Bases work in each game mode, check out Control our game modes section.


Like the X-Series laser tag guns (the E400X and S-7X), the Chimera Base contains an RF chip that sends and receives radio signals between nearby X-Series devices (including laser tag guns and the Chimera Hub). It also has IR sensors that detect laser tag beams. Using these two systems, the Chimera base can detect nearby players, receive hits, and transmit scoring data to the Chimera Hub.

Only the front side of the base contains the hit sensors and transmitters, so players must use strategy and plan their approach in order to get a clear shot at the targetable side of the base. This creates excellent tactical possibilities on the game field.