Laser tag faq

Laser Tag FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

Common Steradian Laser Tag Questions:

Q: Is laser tag safe?
A: Absolutely. Steradian equipment doesn’t actually use real lasers. Instead, Steradian laser tag is based on infrared (IR) light. IR is the same as normal light, but with a longer wavelength that is harmless to human eyes. We use an IR LED (Light Emitting Diode) to generate an IR beam that is detected by the Sunband sensor; this is similar to the IR beams and sensors used in TV remote controls. The worst chance of getting hurt when playing laser tag is by tripping and falling. 

Q: Why is it called “laser tag” if you don’t use real lasers?
A: The name appears to have stuck because “LED tag” just didn’t sound as cool! Since real lasers are dangerous, though, it’s probably for the best that “laser tag” is just a name.

Q: Are there annual payments or franchise fees?
A: There are no continuing franchise fees for the equipment or software; once you purchase the equipment, you own it. We are an equipment manufacturer, not a business franchiser.

Q: Do all toy guns need to have orange muzzle tips?
A: Federal regulations require that all gun-like toys sold or transported in the United States be marked with blaze orange at the end of the barrel (see CFR 15 sec 1150 for details). 

Q: What do I do if a gun needs repairs?
A: If your gun needs to be sent in for repairs, call or e-mail us, and we’ll set up an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for you. The RMA number lets us know you are sending guns to us, and ensures that your shipment is properly handled when it arrives. If we need additional information (such as a more detailed description of a specific malfunction) we will contact you.   

Q: How do I run games using if I don’t have an internet connection at my venue?
A: features an Offline Mode that allows you to run games from your computer even when you don’t have an internet connection (for example, if you’re playing out in the countryside). All game modes are available in Offline Mode. When in Offline Mode, player scores can be viewed on the game manager’s computer, but are not accessible via the internet. However, all scores are tracked and saved on your computer, and are automatically uploaded to the website the next time your computer connects to the Internet. At that point, players can access their scores on the internet as normal.

Q: How is data sent between the guns, computer, and internet?
A: The guns use a wireless RF signal to send a constant stream of data back to the operator’s computer. This happens automatically throughout the game. At the same time, the data is passed on through your internet connection to the website, so that scores are live on the web as the hits are made. In Offline Mode, there’s no internet connection, so scoring data is instead saved on the computer’s hard drive, and is uploaded when the computer is reconnected to the internet.

Q: Is there a hit sensor on the gun?
A: Yes, our guns have sensors in addition to the Sunband sensors.

Q: How do your products prevent cheating?
A: The sensor and gun electronics are fully integrated with each other. A gun cannot hit its own sensor.   When a player loses all their hit points, the sensors and gun are disabled, so that the player can no longer shoot or take hits. The SunBand’s sensors light up solid and bright, showing the person is tagged out. Before the game starts, the guns are disabled; they do not activate until the moment the game begins.

Q. What prevents a player from cheating by standing completely behind a tree or obstacle, or using a hand to cover the SunBand sensor?
A. Because the SunBand has three sensors equally spaced around the head, a player might cover one, but not the other two. Since the gun is also equipped with sensors, if a player hides completely behind an obstacle and only sticks the front of their gun out to shoot, they can still be hit. A player could try covering a sensor by wearing a really big floppy hat or wig, but we’re pretty sure that would look a little suspicious!

Q: Is the equipment waterproof?
A: Like all electronics, our gear does not like water, but will generally survive encounters with water. If, when playing in rain, you find the guns are malfunctioning, stop the game, take the guns inside, and let them dry out on a table.