Zombie Haunt Package

What's included

This package makes it easy to make your haunt interactive. Featuring Eclipse 400X Lite laser tag guns, Chimera Laser Tag Targets, body harnesses for actors to wear the targets, and reset boxes to reset the gun scores.

Zombie Haunt Package
Eclipse lite Eclipse 400X Lite(20)

Eclipse 400X without Sunband

Chimera laser tag target Chimera Target(20)

Power up your laser tag game!

Chimera+target+harness Target Harness(10)

Harness for actors to wear targets.

Laser tag mobile caddy Mobile Laser Tag Caddy(2)

Mobile storage and charging solution. Holds up to 12 guns.

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How to play

Players use Eclipse 400X Lite laser tag guns to shoot at Chimera Laser Tag Targets, which can be worn by an actor or mounted to a static target like a poster or animatronics. The Chimera Laser Tag Target pulses it’s lights in a slow, red heartbeat pattern. When a player hits a target, the Chimera Laser Tag Target flashes a brilliant white, and the player’s gun praises them (“Nice Shot!”) and counts up the score on the gun display.

Running a hunt is simple. Guns come preprogrammed with the Laser Tag Zombie Hunt game in the laser tag guns and laser tag targets. Players are grouped into a teams, and sent into the attraction. Each player gets his or her own score displayed directly on the gun, rewarding hitting zombies and targets throughout the attraction. When a team returns, the guns are returned and handed to the next team. Player scores on the gun are reset by pushing a button which resets all players on the team to 0.

Chimera Laser Tag Targets never need to be reset during a game. After being hit several times, the laser tag target deactivates for a short while, before automatically reactivating. This cool down time forces players to move onto the next target.