Corn maze laser tag

Large Field Package

The large field package is a complete system with everything you need to get started.

Large Field Package
Laser+tag+gun+red+and+blue S-7X(20)

Precision machined aluminum laser tag gun with wireless scoring.

Red dot sight Red/Green Dot Sight(10)

Easy to use sight for accurate and quick aiming at close to medium range targets.

Laser tag scope 4x30mm Telescopic Scope(10)

Telescopic sight with 4x magnification for long range shooting.

Laser tag shoulder stock Adjustable Shoulder Stock(10)

Six position adjustable shoulder stock provides a stable firing platform for long-range shots.

Laser tag base Chimera Base(4)

Laser tag base for reviving players and other advanced game functions.

Chimera hub with cord Chimera Hub(1)

Wireless hub for interfacing X-Series laser tag guns and computer.

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